Regalia by Deepika


Over 5 years of experience in creating designs that bring the luxury of exotic and natural fabric with stunning hand embroidery and machine embroidery to bridal wear and occasion wear. A range of ensembles, which spell out sheer class, elegance and beauty. It visions over the quality of fabric, workmanship and the color story. All these aspects are combined to create dynamic design with fascinating styles. Regalia by Deepika have been ranked as “A High Fashion Brand” and one of the finest fashion studios in New Delhi.

It visions globally to attract the entire gorgeous lady who are ready to flaunt the Indianness and make India proud. This is where it all happens!


It was love at first site. There it was: the dress of my dreams. Long, structured and beautiful, I knew it would carry me through a grueling day at my law firm with elegance and style. It was a dress that wouldn’t wrinkle or shrink, a dress that would seamlessly transport me from day to night, and a dress that maybe, just one day, would get me that corner office…

I started to envision what the actual perfect dress would look like. And feel like. I could see it so clearly in my mind. I became obsessed with this idea. Then I began to see it in different styles. Yet they all shared a common thread; they were beautiful and comfortable. While I was grateful to have been afforded the opportunities bestowed upon me, I also knew that I couldn’t live another day without letting my ideas out. They incessantly clattered around in my head, declining to be stifled. I couldn’t simultaneously work and repress the ideas any longer.

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