Curvy body shape : the right styling tip by Regaliabydeepika

1st post..

“Summer is going on and you are thinking again about
trying the last brand new diet to lose that fat belly you
gained during winter… You have probably already tried
a diet last year, and the year ago. And you already know
what finally happened…
My advice : no starving diets ! Just listen to your real
body needs, your appetite.
When you are not hungry anymore : stop eating.
Whatever the pounds you may lose or not,
your silhouette can be improve with very simple tips.

Invest in your best features :
Do you have a nice neck ? Wear a nice necklace
Beautiful eyes or lips ? Learn how to do the best makeup
Slender hands ? Rings are for you A charming smile
? Go for a pink or red lipstick that stay all daylong be obsessed
with your fat belly, your XL size or a body shape
you dont like. Examine all your best body features that
you dont usually pay attention to. List all what you like
(or what people tell you they like). They are your best
features. You have to keep them in mind and to enlightened
them ! Thats what people will see first when they
see you !




Pay attention to your clothes:
Nice clothes are not reserved for XS sizes women. Its
not because you are not full figured mannequin that
you deserve to wear large sweater without shape or
baggy trousers ! Just as other women, you need to feel
good in the good clothes that suit you. That mean to
know what is perfect on you, and what to avoid. You
need quality clothes, in good fabrics and with the right
cut for you. pay far more attention to fabric: quality
fabrics will best flatter your body shape and specifically,
heavier weight cloth made from natural fibers.

Wear high-heeled shoes
It will instantly make you look higher and slimer. Not
too high of course, it always has to be confortable. Why
not trying wedge heels to stay stable ? If you have fat legs,
prefer block heels to thin heels. And never wear pointed
style shoes . They amplify legs size. Prefer squared ones.


Play with optical effects
Dark colors : choose them for trousers, skirts and jackets.
But unless you feel like it, you dont have to be dressed all
in black Keep bright and lively colors for shirts, t-shirts,
tops of all kinds. If you wear them with a long black (or
dark) jacket, that will be perfect !Speaking about optical
effects : Always avoid horizontal stripes.


Know what to avoid
Avoid to cut your body in two and draw too much attention
to the waist area.
If you have fat legs, prefer block heels to thin heels. And
never wear pointed style shoes . They amplify legs size.
Prefer squared ones.
Don’t wear too tight or unlined close-fitting garment, it
will not be very flattering.
Avoid pleats and stripes.
Don’t wear too short skirts but don’t hide your body.

2nd post..

What is good on you
‘V’-neck tops are a great way to create the impression of
High waist dress is also a good choice.
A-line or straight-cut-skirts will create a more streamlined
look but choose styles that sit lower on the waist
and avoid pockets or pleats.
If you have a large chest – A nice square neck is preffered
this will open-up the chest area and will dreaw
the eyes downwards making the waist appear smaller.

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