TIP 4 : EYES – Smoky eyes or the classic look? No matter what eye make-up you choose to go with, the perfect eye make-up is sometimes enough to give you a great look. But the unforgiving sunlight can make your eyes appear artificial if you have the wrong make-up on. Here is what you can do: Most Indian women have an extra sheen on their eye-lids due to a naturally oily texture. Apply a mattifying product before the concealer. Apply the concealer you have used on your face, all over your eye-lids to maintain uniformity. Avoid contouring- Eyeliners are a popular choice to make your eyes appear big and beautiful. However, your dark circles can be visible with too much contouring. Do not use an eyeliner in this case. Waterproof your eyes- Using a waterproof mascara or a liner is not enough to face the sun. For the powder to stay on your eye-lids, use a great eye base. Then use a smudge-free eyeliner (most of the reputed brands offer them) and a water-proof mascara. This will prepare you for the moments when your emotions boil and you want to let go of yourself in the moment by shedding a tear or two. Finally, use a powder eyeshadow and dab two layers of it, from the lash line to the brow.



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