TIP 1 :FOUNDATION- Get the basics right! Your face can look extra greasy in summer because of the added sweat getting mixed up with the make-up. As a bride, you would want your skin to glow rather than look oily. Hydrate your skin – For an oily skin, use a moisturizer that is oil free. If your skin is extra oily, skip the moisturizer and instead just dab a little eye lotion under the eyes. The T-zone area of your face generally tends to get oily even if your skin is dry, so be extra careful in applying any kind of lotion there. For dry skin, moisturize your skin the usual way. It is important that you do, otherwise, the make-up will start cracking in the heat. Apply an anti-shine product on your face just before applying the foundation. Foundation is supposed to give your face an even tone, but if you have been blessed with great skin, skip it altogether. Instead, just use a spot concealer on areas with blemishes, under the eyes or around the corners of your nose. A spot concealer stays longer than a foundation. Use an oil-free foundation from a good brand. Brands like MAC, Bobby brown etc. offer a range of foundations according to your skin that you can pick from. The final touch – After the application of foundation, powder your face with a brush.



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