Saree is undoubtedly the most sensual Indian attire, and we all know how to wear it the formal way. But do you know how to look the utmost fashionable by adding some interesting twists to your saree-draping style? Yes, there are several different styles of wearing the saree. So let’s get into the art of How to Wear a Saree.

Tamil Actress Anuja Iyer in Saree Stills

how-to-drape-marati-style-saree-1024x893 Ten-ways-To-Drape-Saree-GUJRATI-STYLE

Draping a saree for many women in India is well known but the different appealing styles to drape a simple saree bringing a fascinating look is something all women will find interesting.

There are numerous ways to drape up a saree in styles and concepts of a specific theme dressing, Saree draping can be very fun.The basic draping up of a saree is also very easy, below is a detailed explanation of basic style saree draping before we start different unique styles of occasion based draping a saree.



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